“SOAR Into Inquiry” K-5 Scope Activity Books

Each Scope Activity Book follows a tested, highly successful, user-friendly format, including simple, step-by-step instructions for use in guiding the student(s), and easy-to-understand background information so that one can understand the science involved without having to be an expert.

These lessons are designed to improve a child’s ability to observe and think analytically while he/she is highly engaged in a hands-on activity that develops a rich understanding of scientific inquiry. Because the lessons spark interest, they are excellent launchpads for further study. The lessons also lend themselves to flexibility to allow for the individual needs of students. Designed for grades K-5.

*Note that the quantity 10 and 25 prices shown below apply even if you do not order those quantities of the same book. However, if you wish to combine different books in the same order and get the corresponding quantity discount, you will need to call the STR Hotline number at the top of the page.