Scope on a Rope™ L2 (TV or Projector)

Take this camera microscope in your hand and touch it directly onto any object or surface. Then watch the live color video image on the screen and present it to a whole group simultaneously. Just by touching the sample with the internally lit lens tip, you are instantly focusing, illuminating, and magnifying to the screen. You and your students will be so impressed with the image that you won’t be able to resist capturing still pictures, video movies and time lapse movies.

The Scope On A Rope L2 is unique among our other products because it is the most affordable model with high quality output to a TV or projector. It provides you the versatility you want with a wide variety of interchangeable lens options from 1x up to 400x (the lenses and accessories are also shared with the ProScope HR). By adding the optional video adaptor, you can also connect it to a computer.


Education Application:

• Save time with easy set-up, instant focus by touch, and no sample preparation
• Education research shows use of hand-held camera microscopes increases student time on task, and student retention on standardized tests
• Excite students by instantly displaying a new micro-world to the whole group
• This one tool is multipurpose and cross-curricular for use as a microscope, presentation camera and document camera
• Cost effective with durable construction and low maintenance

Unique to the Scope On A Rope™ L2:
• Don’t miss that teachable moment again, when you need to look close at something, the Scope On A Rope™ L2 is ready in seconds on the TV or projector
• The Scope On A Rope™ L2 shows the best clarity of sample details in full screen and full video on your TV or projector
• The lens and accessory sharing with the ProScope HR is the real benefit here so consider our Combination Kits for the most versatility