VL11_WithOptionalStandThe Dial A Scope is unique because you can magnify at ANY magnification from 1x up to 920x without changing lenses. You’ll always have the perfect magnification for your sample at your fingertips by simply turning the focus dial. You’ll also get the highest quality image of all our cameras with output to a TV/projector or to a computer with an optional adaptor. The Dial A Scope can stand on its own base or can be held by hand or mounted on an optional stand for viewing larger samples.

Both model options have positive/negative image settings, but one model has a longer magnification range, and the other has a longer working distance.

Education Application:

• Show the whole class the same high-resolution image at the same time
• Get instant gratification and keep student’s attention by showing samples at any magnification without stopping to change lenses or objectives
• Never miss the image details as the Dial A Scope has the highest resolution camera possible