Dlite 5MP Microscopes (two microscope cameras)

The Dlite 5MP Zoom Microscope (5MP-1213T) is unique among other products because it is the highest resolution hand-held USB digital microscope available. It also includes tips to produce 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x and 200x fixed magnifications without changing lenses (see sample magnification images here.). It also will zoom from 10x – 200x just by turning a thumb wheel. Available accessories include the Discovery Specimen Viewer, XYZ stage, and backlight lamp with Light Blocker. Our available curriculum and lesson plans are written by expert teachers and are classroom tested. All of these items are available only from STR.

The Dlite 5MP is also available with a fixed 500x lense and lense tip (5MP-500).It only produces 500x magnification. STR has evaluated all of the cheap knock-offs and none have the durability and quality of the Dlite 5MP Microscope, nor will you get STR’s service, reputation, and exclusive add-ons.

The Dlite 5MP Microscope includes basic display and capture software for Windows and Mac. There is a capture button on the unit, and software for live display, image/movie capture included measurement capabilities, and it is compatible with digital whiteboards. A small plastic stand is also included.

See the complete video training series for the Dlite Microscope at our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/DliteMicroscope.



Education Application:

• Save time with easy set-up, and no sample preparation
• Education research shows use of hand-held camera microscopes increases student time on task, and student retention on standardized tests
• Excite students by instantly displaying a new micro-world to the whole group
• This one tool is multipurpose and cross-curricular for use as a microscope, presentation camera and document camera
• Cost effective with durable construction and low maintenance
• Integrates with all digital whiteboards

Unique to the Dlite Microscope 5MP:
• Save even more time by eliminating the need to change lenses, thumb wheel operation zooms 10x to 200x. Fixed mag tips for 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x, 200x (see sample magnification images here)
• The USB connection for computer includes enhanced software with measurement capabilities, a $129 value compared to software for other USB cameras
• Discovery Specimen Viewer allows easy viewing of specimens with available light. View aquatic samples, insects, sand, soil, and other small specimens