Teacher Resource CD

STR_Teacher_Resource_CDThis two CD-ROM set has exclusive content only from STR. There are over two hundred images and dozens of movies and time-lapse sequences, and more than 11⁄2 hours of training video clips showing you just how these video camera microscopes and used in class to teach science standards. There are over a hundred great lesson ideas and full lesson plans for the topics of Scientific Thinking, Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

Six complete master teacher lesson videos illustrate exactly how to integrate your handheld microscope video camera into exciting lessons. Teacher interviews explain how these devices support science teaching strategies. There are valuable tips and tricks, including how to use your device as a classroom presentation tool in any subject! All lesson resources are correlated to specific national, California and Texas science standards (more states to come). CD-ROM is PC and Macintosh compatible.


Education Application:

• Discover hundreds of classroom uses for the hand-held camera microscopes
• Increase your effectiveness to present science standards in a hands-on and captivating way
• Learn from the best teacher users all the tips for integrating the scopes beyond just science to enhance art, language, and math skills

IMPORTANT: The Teacher Resource CD-ROM is already included in all of STR’s Education Kits for the new ProScope HR2, ProScope HR1, ProScope Mobile, DLite, Scope On A Rope™ L2, and Combination Kits. Other kits may not include the CD-ROM.