Lovely Microscopes

An Introduction To The Parts And Pieces Of A Compound Microscope


A microscope is a useful tool used to view small objects and biological structures, which are usually too small for the human eye to see. Microscope is the science of studying minute biological structures and objects with this instrument. Microscope therefore means literally invisible to the human eye unless aided by a microscope equipped with infrared or ultraviolet light source. It has become one of the important tools for research in recent years.


There are various types of microorganisms that can be examined with a microscope; these include bacteria, yeast, protozoa, algae and more. The different kinds of microscope lenses are broadly classified as fixed, variable, and optical microscopes. Lens design and technology depend on the purpose of the microscope being used and its ability to present data in a well-defined format. The most common kinds of microscope lenses are the three-dimensional (three dimensional glasses), fixed, and variable.


The sample collection slide is used for gathering and handling microorganism samples. Samples may be obtained from any biological or chemical matter and may include blood, fluid, tissue, or oral mucous. Many types of microscope slides are available to study biological samples. Samples can be collected through physical method such as capillary ultrasonography, which uses an attached needle to suck out a drop of blood, or chemical method such as through electrophoresis. Optical microscope slides show images of living matter under high magnification, while digital microscope slides show images of biological materials and cells via high-speed film scanning.


A microscope has the capacity to make objects visible


A microscope has the capacity to make objects visible to the human eye; this is done by the illumination system. Normal eyeglasses and contact lenses are used for providing magnification, while microscope lenses provide much more magnification and allow the user to see very small objects with greater resolution than normal eyeglasses or contacts. Microscope accessories such as microscope covers, filters, and mounts are used to help the user see things more clearly. The microscope lamp is another important accessory, which serves both to illuminate the work area and to keep the microscope properly focused.


One of the most important parts of a compound microscope, besides its main parts, is its objective lenses


One of the most important parts of a compound microscope, besides its main parts, is its objective lenses. These are called the objective lenses because they focus a fluorescent light source on the sample or object so that it can be seen. There are generally two objectives in a microscope setup: the eyepiece lens and the objective lens.


Both the basic and compound microscope have been developed over the years, but modern microscopes have greatly improved their designs. Most modern microscopes use one or more computerized controls to help them achieve their high magnification results. Some types of microscopes use gas permeable lenses instead of regular lenses, and some use single crystal or vacuum tubes instead of spiral or ring tubes. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the microscopes have greatly improved. The images produced using the microscope today are clearer and more detailed than ever before. The microscopes of today can even be used for research purposes.