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¿nquiry Wheel Game


The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game is designed to guide both teachers and students toward a more dynamic view of the Scientific Method. Commonly thought of as a set of stepwise procedures, the Scientific Method is actually a vibrant spectrum of scientific inquiry strategies that are iterative and creative.

The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game is a fun way for seekers of knowledge, of all ages, to explore many variations of these strategies. The act of playing the ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game can provide a robust carryover into other aspects of science instruction. Teaching science as inquiry aims at having students do what scientists do and think how scientists think. The ¿NQUIRY wheel displays a spectrum of strategies that expert scientists draw from, a knowledge acquired through many years of study and practice.

The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game engages students of all ages as they select and apply scientific inquiry strategies: 1) to explore a new topic of interest or unit of study; 2) to plan a science project; 3) to carry out a science investigation; 4) to construct a scientific or technical product; 5) to solve a problem; or 6) to experience the thrill of discovery!

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¿NQUIRY Wheel Game - Each order comes with a set of 12” x 12” ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game Spinners and black line masters for game instructions and scorecards.







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